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Sassari Hock Protection


When needed to replace the ones on the HockSmile.
To provide the hocks with enough space to cure when damaged, versus, scraping against the fabric!
Professionally made is not always an answer to a great and functional product plus the price would be a whole lot higher and sure not budget-friendly!
NO, for hygiene and safety reasons we are unable to accept returns!
It’s like your Jeans, you put on, forget to close the zipper, buttons etcetera, your jeans are sagging down. The same for the HockSmiles when attached snug & tied they won’t sag down!
No, nothing lasts forever, it all depends on the horse and the environment he/she is living in.
Hose it off to remove the first dirt, after that you can wash them in the laundry machine.
Sure you can, do we advise, NO, why should you? Not one item should be left on the horse 24/7 unless we are talking about fly leggings, who are loose around the skin, instead, provide the skin & coat with the natural freedom from breeching and fresh air going through.
Follow the simple steps, see the video.

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