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Hock Sore, Bed Sore, Horse Hock Sore, Equine Hock Protection, SASSARI HOCKSMILE FLOWERS


  • Large 17 inches
  • Medium 16 inches
  • Small 15" inches
  • X Large 18 inches
  • X Small 14 inches
  • XX Large 19.5 inches
  • XXX Large 21.5 inches
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Being ahead of the issue is the image of a savvy horse owner!
“HockSmile” is the answer, simply wrap around and attach the ELASTIC loop tight to the hook, go over the top loops!
* 100% Guaranteed!
* 100% Stay on!
* 100% Super strong!
* 100% It Works!
* Soft and very thick long-lasting lining!
* Fit every horse and donkey/mule!

Tested for a full year on three different horses!
The set of “HockSmile” includes 2 extra elastic loop straps. one for each hind leg.
Please see image on how to measure, follow the red line, and ADD 1″ (one) to it. SET of TWO (2) Hock sores can end up in quite a nightmare if you don’t take care of it.

How to attach to the horse hock…. 1. Place the correct HockSmile on the correct hind leg (hook scratchy side facing outside) 2. Place the horse hock in the HockSmile cup. 3. Take the inside elastic loop, pull, bring through the first loop, and wrap around the front attaching to the outside hook. 4. That’s it, when attached snug, tight and comfortable the HockSmile stays on until you remove it. SNUG AND TIGHT is the answer to a losing HockSmile!

P.S. When you ignore the instructions you end up with a dysfunctional item! HockSmile is NOT for the physically challenged deformed horse hocks!


Large 17 inches, Medium 16 inches, Small 15" inches, X Large 18 inches, X Small 14 inches, XX Large 19.5 inches, XXX Large 21.5 inches

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