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Equine Cooling Neck Wrap


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The Equine Cooling neck wrap (see image) measures 11 x 30 inches.
The Equine neck wrap is very effective after a training session, cooling down his neck by walking out long and low!
We provide you with the cooling fabric powered by the C-C (cool climate) technology.

The cooling last as long as the product last!
Every day a new cool day for your canine friend/s.
Very competitive pricing!
How to:
Unpack the item.
Wet the product in any kind of water, drink water, river water, tap water, you name it!
Wring the product, wave, and use were needed!
Bring the square bandanas around the neck. take 2 corners, hook & loop it or tie it.
Simply place over the neck, close two corners with hook/loop!
One size fits all!
* 100% machine washable!
* Proven performance fabric!
* Adapts to its environment and regulates temperature heat and moisture!
* Sweat cools through regulated evaporation!
* Cool – Climate technology is built into the fibers!
* When the item gets dry repeat …wet..wring..and wave, the cooling process starts all over again!


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