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Balloon Protective Eye Mask, Fly Mask, Equine Face Mask, Equine Fly Mask


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Here at My Horse Specialties we strive to provide the best Customer Service, and make the best quality products possible with the best looks and designs available!

Our 1 size fits MOST horses offers superb wear resistance and a comfortable fit, the balloon fit.
NO DANGEROUS EYE DARTS who can become inverted and point inward, possibly damaging the eye.

Instead, only pleats which allow plenty of comfortable space between the eyes and the mask, giving YOU as a horse owner, who dearly loves their equine friend, PEACE OF MIND!

This super comfortable Balloon Protective Fly Mask fits a 17.1 H Warm Blood, a 15 H Polish Arabian, and a 14.3 Quarter Horse

* The material is durable PVC coated woven yarn with an excellent visibility, super strong!
* Poll strap and a very strong industrial hook/loop closure!
* Soft edging around the entire Balloon Protective Fly Mask.!
* 17″ Down the face!
* Available in several colors!
* Provide 80 %  UV Ray Protection!
* NO seams, one piece of material!

Return Policy

Yes, allowed to be returned within 10 working days after receiving date.
You MUST contact corporate for the green light and a return #.

Thank you.


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