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About My Horse Speciality

We provide a focused group of equine & canine-related products. We are dedicated to providing you with a “Blue Ribbon” customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes. MHS & More LLC is in business for 30+ years, We’re a business made up of innovators and forward-thinkers, being pragmatic with no nonsense!
MHS & More LLC reserves the right to reject or cancel an order at any time.

What makes this site so unique?

We have our own identity!

We are open to great ideas from your end!

Custom designed combinations are welcome by the piece.

We welcome you to contact us for any question you may have.

What data do we collect?

This site does not collect any recognizable data from your PC when you glands over this site. Except if you willfully and intentionally give us your recognizable data, we won’t know your name, your email address, or other recognizable data.

When we have to gather personal and by recognizable data from you, we will ask you to willfully supply us with the data we require.

We may gather the accompanying data from you when you enroll on our site, submit a request, purchase our product/s: name, contact data including email and postage information, telephone number, statistic data including inclinations and interests, and charge card data (which is a closed circuit for us and 100% protected).