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All leggings are tapered, slope 1 1/2" to the top

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I’m SO impressed! Even the draft size was too small for my 18.1 hh Percheron so I contacted this shop who immediately agreed to make hock boots to fit my boy. And they were made and delivered in 2-3 days! I could not be happier with these! Incredibly well made and fit perfectly. A little bit of trial and error on how snug/tight they need to be applied but once I figured it out they stay on even through naps and playing in the turnout.

Crazy Ronnie

I am so pleased w these hock boots! They really stay on & my mares hocks look so much better! She is old, 33, & I have tried so many products w/o success. It makes me so happy that I have found a product that works for her! They are so soft & she can lay down & get back up easily! W/o ripping up her hocks!!


These are working! I have a 23 year old, Friesian mare that has been having a hard time getting off of the ground and tearing up her hocks. I have put her on anti-inflammatories, and she is doing better. I have covered her open sores with maxi-pads and then placed the Hock boots over that. We are using the large cups. They are well made and holding up well. I only put them on at night, and I haven’t observed any rubbing.


After struggling to find a solution to a very small hock abrasion: I am extremely pleased that these hocksmiles work very well. I have tried tube socks, sanitary napkins, duct tape, vetwrap, more shavings in his matted stall, less shavings, fine shavings, large shavings. The hocksmile is very well made, soft yet durable. They stay on and do not shift all night long. It is very simple to measure your horse to get a perfect fit. I also love the flower pattern, my gelding doesn’t seem to mind at all.


These hock protectors are very well made. But like all current hock protectors on the market, they rarely stay up over the necessary time they need to do their job, and why they are needed in the first place (ground sores from getting up and down). I have been researching making various hock protectors for over 6 years , after trying every one I could find.

Christina Clark

Absolutely thrilled with how well these work and the fact actually stay on! Great product at a great price! I will be buying a second pair for when they need washing just one size smaller. Adding the extra inch per measuring instructions was an inch too much for my guy and they bunched up a bit. Even not being a perfect fit they still stayed up overnight!

D.L. Albuquerque

” The tote is as it says. I loved the colors from the tote and its a more sophisticated look when I’m on the go. The shipping and delivery were as stated! I appreciate the straightforward approach from this company. I would gladly purchase from “Bellissa CW” MHS again.”


Update: been using them for a couple of months and they are the best fly boots ever!! Excellent product, wish I could give more that 5 stars. You really have something special here. I have tried Shoo Flys and Kensingtons and think yours are far superior. Thanks!

great customer service